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April 1st, 2022

The Unstoppable Power of Just. One. Thing.

Sometimes it’s Best to Think Small!

It is better to take many small steps in the right direction than to make a great leap forward only to stumble backward.”~Chinese Proverb

Think back to the last time you set a huge personal or professional goal. What happened next? If you’re like many of us can-do high achievers, you may have jumped the gun in a passionate dash toward the end result without creating proactive habits or plans to keep you on track. Maybe you pushed to sustain a sprinter’s pace without taking time to rest or refuel and crashed before crossing the finish line.

Sound familiar? I’ve been there too! Thankfully, after years of setting lofty goals–only to fail at reaching them– I discovered a simple technique that helped me make and sustain positive change! It’s the “Just one thing” concept a based on the Japanese principle of Kaizen: big changes come in continuous small, steady increments over time. Being a perfectionist by nature had only led me down the path of burn out, so I welcomed this non-judgmental way to achieve success with less struggle and strain. By cultivating fresh appreciation for each moment, and chunking big goals down into small, simple actions forward, I gratefully (and slowly) learned how to bypass the “fight-or-flight” brain chemicals that used to trigger panic and self-sabotage. And I haven’t looked back!

These days my goal-setting begins and ends with grace, self-compassion, and a strong desire for excellence. (’cause perfect is way over-rated!) Integrating this concept has led me to amazing mentors and many of the practical tools for resilience that I freely share in my coaching practice. Now in place of overwhelming resolutions, I choose “Just one word” to guide me each year, and encourage you to do the same.

In 2012 it was “Transformation”, 2013 it was “Impact”, in 2014 it was “Wholehearted”. In 2015 it was “Becoming”. 2016 was “Spacious”, 2017 was “Sojourn”, 2018 was “Integrate“, 2019 was “GraceFULL”, 2020 was “Presence”, 2021 was “Essential”, and 2022 is “Intimate”. (Because actually achieving my goals is not as important to me now as who I will “Become” in the process of achieving them).

So how can you apply this philosophy to your own goals? What is “just one thing” that could take you closer to a meaningful goal, starting today? For example: Yoga stretches. Gratitude journaling. Organizing closets. Making an overdue appointment.

This anonymous poem called “The Value Of One” is a wake-up-call that every moment counts and every second matters:

· To know the value of 1 year, ask a student who failed the grades.

· To know the value of 1 month, ask the mother who gave birth to a premature baby.

· To know the value of 1 week, ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.

· To know the value of 1 day, ask the daily wage earner who has to feed kids.

· To know the value of 1 hour, ask the lovers who are waiting to meet.· To know the value of 1 minute, ask the man who missed the train.

· To know the value of 1 second, ask the person who just won silver at the Olympics!

We have only one wild and precious life. Today is a gift, and tomorrow is not promised. So ask small questions, think small thoughts, take small actions, solve small problems, and celebrate small moments. Because it’s great to dream big, but those dreams come true one baby step at a time!

Christina Kunkle, RN and CTA Certified Life and Wellness Coach, is founder of Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching, LLC, creator of the “Synergy Success Circle” and “Emerging Resilient,” a Heart-Centered Leadership Development Program. She helps busy professionals prevent burnout by promoting bounce-back resilience to stay focused, positive and excited about the challenges of work and life through 1:1 Resilience Coaching, Reiki Energy Healing sessions, and “Amplify” Small Group Masterminds. To learn more, visit her website at or call 540-746-5206.

September 14th, 2021

Release & Rise!

Sacred Essential Practices for Health and Wholeness

Christina Kunkle, RN (Synergy Life & Wellness Coaching) & Arlene McCain, MD (McCain Whole Health Care)

Saturday, 10/2/21, 8 am – 4 pm, Bridgewater, VA

Early Bird registration ends: Sept 18, 2021

Earlybirds save $11 and receive an extra ticket towards Soul Care giveaways!

Investment: $111, includes fireside breakfast, nutritious snacks, wellness lunch, & inspirational giveaways

Space is limited to 11 women

Once registered, you will receive additional details about what to bring and directions to the venue.

When the retreat fills, we will start a wait list for the next retreat offering!

Refreshed by the beauty of fall, you are invited to return home to your inmost Self … to Release & Rise!

Come take a day to honor your individual, and our collective, wisdom.

Come retreat and BE with us, then return to the world and BE THE CHANGE!

Schedule8:00- 8:30 AM

Red carpet welcome: Receive retreat gifts, Fireside breakfast & IgnitingIntentions

8:30- 10:30 AM

Sacred Creation- What do I need to Be?

Grounding and connecting with yourself and nature

Activities: Contemplative Sit, Shin-rin Yoku

10:30 AM- 12 PM

Sacred Expression- What do I need to Know?

Expressing, releasing, and liberating your emotional body

Activities: 5Rhythms Dance, Energy Management & Clearing Techniques

12 – 1:30 PM

Nourishment (Lunch/White Space)

1:30 -2:30 PM Sacred Seeing- What do I need to Have?

Recognizing and receiving your intuitive guidance

Activities: Power questions

2:30- 4 PM Sacred Sharing- What do I need to Do?

Shifting into inspired actionActivities: Circle sharing/Connecting/Closing

Individually we’re a drop, together we’re an ocean- Maya Angelou

February 24th, 2021

A Personal Invitation From My Heart to Yours

A Personal Invitation

February 24th, 2021

“Soul-Whispers” Exercise: Activate the Energy of Decision Making

You’ll find all the “Emerging Resilient” Group program details HERE. Even if you think it isn’t for you, I invite you to try this 5 minute”Soul-Whispers” Exercise:

Print this out if possible (yep, it’s really 9 pages!) then sit down with a hot cup of tea or coffee in a quiet space with an itention to read this with all 3 of your brains (yep, you really have 3!)

Your brain may say “yikes! stay right where you are!”

Your heart may say “ahhh, this really resonates!”

Your gut may say “this is what I’ve been waiting for!”

Or maybe not, which is totally cool.

But, at least you’ll get a glimpse into how I’ve said YES to my own Transformation, which has led to a new spiral of personal growth;

And how I’ve said YES to my own professional Expansion, created to Empower and Equip mission-driven women like you with Lifeskills for Resilience.

This, like every other growth spiral in my personal and professional journey hasn’t been without resistance..

“I’m a high-touch person… that’s why I created the Synergy Success Circle, Elevate and Amplify Mastermind groups to meet in person and that’s the only way they’ll be able to serve women at the highest level! WRONG

“I’m not good at technology…I freeze and forget what to do. I don’t know how to keep track of what I’m saying and still try to make eye contact with those I’m speaking to on Zoom… where the heck am I supposed to look? At the camera or the darn screen?!! And who moved the damn mute button??” WRONG

“I really don’t even like technology, and when COVID hit I had decided to cut back on screen time! Maybe I’m just supposed to ride this out” WRONG

“Plus there’s no way you can create the same warm, welcoming energy–the inviting sacred space, make new connections and deepen old friendships online.” WRONG

“Yes, I’m trained and perfectly qualified to send distance reiki healing to individuals and groups… but I’m a high-touch person! Since 2010 I’ve been doing Reiki healing sessions in person. I’ve created an organic and powerful process that blends my intuitive gifts, coaching, and energy healing that cannot possibly be as effective at a distance. I don’t want to, I can’t, and I won’t! WRONG

It’s not about whether or not we will meet resistance when circumstances that require us to change. It’s not about how long we hide out convinced that “nothing new will never work as well as my old way”

It’s about sitting with and befriending the resistance. It’s recognizing how fear keeps us captive in our coping cycles. We can cope or we can expand, but we cannot do both at the same time. We can say yes to fear or we can choose love, even if we don’t see the way forward. A little willingness is all that is needed to begin shifting inertia to initiative.

I’d love to continue growing, coaching, serving, and celebrating your success as you navigate the peaks and valley’s of the “Heart-Centered Heroine’s Journey!”

March 1st, 2021

You’re Invited! Emerging Resilient Group Coaching Program begins March 1st

Hygge [hoo-gah] verb

  1. the art of building sanctuary and community, of inviting closeness and paying attention to what makes us feel open-hearted and alive;
  2. to create well-being, connection and warmth;
  3. a feeling of belonging to the moment and to each other;
  4. celebrating the everyday.

Hey, Soul Sister! How would YOU like to:

  • CONNECT to a higher level of Self-Awareness? (to live by design, not default)
  • INSPIRE yourself to embody a healthy Self-Love? (to love others more)
  • SERVE in the highest way through Self-Leadership? (to lead others better)
  • AMPLIFY your soul purpose and positive impact? (to create a We-Centered world)

Beginning on March 1st, we’ll gather to begin a year-long intimate virtual group journey towards embracing the joys of a Restorative lifestyle – working smart, playing hard, and resting well so we can become Synergy Strong—meeting our personal and professional challenges with more grace, grit, and gratitude.

This Innovative Program, “EMERGING RESILIENT” is deliberately crafted to Soulfully EMPOWER with inspiration and motivation and Strategically EQUIP with practical energy management tools to create Balanced Success without burning out. The Transformative Synergy of our group becomes a catalyst for growth and a sacred container for practicing new skills in a community of like-hearted women.   

 The Mission of this Program:

Emerging Resilient will provide meaningful support, structure, encouragement, accountability, clarity, training, laughter, mindset shifts – in an unconditionally accepting, relaxed environment where you feel seen, heard, and supported.


  • the process of becoming stronger and more confident, especially in controlling one’s life and claiming one’s rights.
  • increasing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices about what they want and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.


  • ready and prepared by having all that is necessary, useful or appropriate for a specific purpose

Soul Sisters are Precious (& the Secret Sauce to Keep Burnout at Bay!)

Close-knit “soul sisters” keep you growing, stretching, and learning – they keep you accountable to your highest values. They make you laugh and feel more like yourself when you’re with them.

I used to think that friends were the people who unconditionally comforted you when you felt wronged, showed up for you when you felt needy and insecure, joined you in righteous indignation when you felt angry, and validated you when life isn’t going your way. But also my most valuable friends are the ones who stand for my soul, even when that means saying something my ego doesn’t want to hear.

When a friend stands for your soul, she holds you accountable to your highest potential and expects you to do the same for her. When a friend stands for your soul, she understands how your ego operates—and loves and accepts you in spite of-even because of- what she knows. But she doesn’t sit by complacently when she watches you create your own suffering. She calls you on it lovingly and invites you out of your conditioning and into the direction of your highest self.

Will you indulge yourself for one precious moment? Imagine what you could be, do, or have with a record-high return on the energy, time, and resources that you invest in this year…Consider gifting yourself the love and support you deserve to create a life you love.  And say “YES” to this life-changing journey with a phenomenal tribe of soul-sisters.

EVERYTHING You’ll Receive:


  • Monthly Dynamic, Inspirational & Co-created Group Sessions ($997 Value)
  • Monthly “Soul-Care Sundays” Group Distance Reiki Healing Sessions ($228 Value)
  • Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Office Hours
  • Private Community Facebook group as a safe place for engaging and sharing openly
  • Weekly: Intention Setting & Check-in’s (our secret sauce = Priceless!)
  • Priority add-on 1:1 Resilience Coaching sessions @- 25% VIP discount (Just you and me!) Topics can range from discussing your mindset and helping you move through limiting beliefs; to further exploring your unique circumstances. You’ll be amazed at how much we accomplish in these sessions. Reach out to arrange one-on-one time with me.
  • Priority add-on 1:1 Reiki Sessions @- 25% VIP discount (Relax. Balance. Heal)
  • Priority registration for Reiki Self-Care Classes (Level I & II Certification)
  • Bonus Templates (Sunday Sojourn ~ A Weekly Practice for Clarity, Meaningful Morning Practice to Start Your Day Strong, Habit Tracker to gain and keep forward momentum; and many more!

Our monthly Zoom meetings will informational, and more importantly, relational; We’ll join in wholehearted conversations, reflecting both power and potential back to one another as we grow and experiment with the Balanced Success tools we’re learning. 

For the “Ask Anything” Office Hours component, you’ll bring your questions and receive coaching from me and encouragement from group participants. You’ll also provide suggestions, ideas, and your lessons learned in response to other women’s questions. The group is always smarter than any single person – this format really lets the group intelligence shine, coming together in support of each other (and you can never get too much support in your work and life!). Accountability is one of the top benefits of coaching. It’s what will ensure that you get the most possible out of this group coaching program.

The Group Distance Reiki Sessions are a powerful way to end each month, clearing out what no longer serves and welcoming a fresh new month with a boost of clarity, balance and serenity. No matter what you’re engaged in or where you are as I’m sending Reiki your way, it will reach you. There’s no Zoom call or group meeting to attend. While it’s not necessary to be still or quiet, if possible, I invite you to treat this as sacred, meditative time. Drink extra water and be open to receiving whatever you need to relax, balance, and heal. If you have specific intentions you’d like held on your behalf, please share them with me by 5 pm on Sunday.

Program Schedule & Overview

Meet us in the Zoom Room for Group sessions and “Ask Anything” Q & A Office Hours

Meeting ID: 445 762 1627

Passcode: 626661


  1    Mon 7-8:30 pm Essential Life Skills for Emerging Resilient, Empowered & Equipped

15    Mon 12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

28    Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session   


  5    Mon 7-8:30 pm The Power of Presence & Beauty of Fresh Perspective

19   Mon 12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

25    Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session


  3     Mon 7-8:30 pm Elevate Your Clarity for Focused, Peaceful Productivity

17     Mon 12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

30   Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session


  7    Mon 7-8:30 pm Confidence Builders and Boundary Setting Secrets

21   Mon 12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

27    Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session


  5   Mon 7-8:30 pmRe-Boot Your Creativity ~ Mining for J.O.Y.

19    Mon 12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

25    Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session


  2    Mon 7-8:30 pm Embrace Your Authenticity, Unique Gifts & Strengths

16   Mon 12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

29   Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session


13   Mon 7-8:30 pm *(note 2nd wk) Elevate Your Vision ~ Tuning in & Looking UP

20   Mon 12 noon-1pm *(note 3rd wk) Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

26   Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session


  4    Mon 7-8:30 pm Heart-Centered Leadership Skills & The Art of Mind-Mapping

18   Mon12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

31   Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session


  1    Mon 7-8:30 pm Big Goals, Small Steps with Kaizen, Micro-Commitments & Habit Tracking

15   Mon 12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

28   Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session


  6   Mon 7-8:30 pm 6th   Secrets to Sustaining Change, Getting Unstuck, & Making Aligned Decisions

20   Mon 12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

26   Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session


  3  Mon 7-8:30 pm New Year, New You View! Virtual Vision Board Workshop

17   Mon 12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

30   Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session


  7   Mon 7-8:30 pm 7th Relational Wellness ~ Repairing Friendships & Forgiveness practices

21   Mon 12 noon-1pm Mid-Month “Ask Anything Q & A” Group Office Hours

27   Sun 7-8pm Group Distance Reiki Healing Session

“There is a space for you in the world with your name on it… and your part is the lead part. No matter who you are, it’s the lead. Because only you can play it, and without you it doesn’t happen.” ~Flo Magdalena

“I am a beacon of light shining in the darkness; within me burns the fire of inspiration urging me onward and upward. I feed this fire with Grace, Grit, and Gratitude—offering space to everything & everyone, including myself, in which to awaken, remember, decide, and grow. From this place of Transformative Synergy we all surrender to the process of first, and then SOARing, into a higher state of Being.” ~ Christina Kunkle


Monthly Group Distant Reiki Healing Sessions

Our group sessions will be 7-8pm on the last Sunday of each month.

February 28th * March 28th * April 25th * May 30th * June 27th * July 25th * August 29th * Sept 26th * October 31st * November 28th * December 26th * January 30th * February 27th  

It’s hard for our practical brains to process, but we don’t need to be physically in the same place at the same time for a Reiki healing, as energy is not limited by space or time. Reiki is a universal life force energy that surrounds us all and nourishes every living thing.

This will be a powerful way to end each month, clearing out what no longer serves, and welcoming a fresh new month with a boost of clarity, balance, and serenity.

At the start of our group session, I will say a prayer, and set the intention that the Reiki energy is received for your highest good. If you’ve given me permission to work with your energy in this way, there’s nothing special you need to do except be open to soaking up the healing waves.

A few Tips to Make Your Experience Most Enjoyable:

No matter what you’re engaged in or where you are as I’m sending Reiki your way, it will reach you. While it’s not necessary to be still or quiet, if possible, I invite you to treat this as sacred, meditative time. Perhaps take a long, deep, bubbly bath with 1 cup Epsom salts and 1 cup baking soda.

Create a peaceful environment, light a few candles, play some relaxing music.

Here’s one of my favorites that you may want to try from Youtube: 432 Hz | Reiki Music For Healing At All Levels | Emotional, Physical, Mental & Spiritual Healing

If you’re at home, sit in your favorite meditation space, a beautiful spot in your backyard, or lie on your bed if you feel like a rest. Make the space comfortable with cushions and pillows; use your crystals, essential oils, and soft lighting to create atmosphere.

If Possible, Devote this time to Soul-Care.

Sit, or lie comfortably, and make sure you have a cozy throw handy. Close your eyes and take several deep, slow breaths to relax. Tell your chatty mind that it is not needed right now. No-one needs you right now, you have no-where else to be, just here.

Bring your focus to the sounds around you, if thoughts or questions or ideas come into your mind, just let them be there, and then go. Don’t latch on and go down that path. If you feel your attention wander, just return to following your breath in and out.

Re-affirm your intention to receive the healing energy being sent your way.

That is all you need to do. Forget concepts of time according to the clock, or your current physical location. When I receive group Reiki I feel more calm and peaceful. Whatever your experience please trust that whatever you need, will be received in the perfect way for you. This may seem a bit hard to believe; but suspend your doubts and skepticism for this time.

Go back to your breath, a simple way to stay focused on the moment is to slowly count your breaths, 1 on the in breath, 2 on the out breath. Start again. And again. And so on. Keep it really simple.

Just relax in this space for as long as you feel comfortable, it may be 5 minutes, it may be half an hour. You may fall asleep, nothing wrong with that – unless you’re in the bath, that’s probably not a great idea. (Ha!) When you feel ready, again, take 3 really deep, really slow, really big breaths to tell your body it’s time to change gears.

Don’t jump up and rush back into “doing mode”. Try to imagine a protective buffer around you, keeping you feeling relaxed. Drink extra water before and after to keep the energy flowing.

Take a moment to write down any “soul whispers” —many golden ideas come to you in these quiet moments!

Then gently go about your evening, taking note of anything that comes up; you might think of a particular situation or person, something that’s been bothering you that you are ready to address, or you might have some inspired ideas pop up.

Pay attention to your dreams, as insights often come during restorative sleep.

Be sure to share your experiences and be on the lookout for a follow-up email summary of my collective insights and take-away’s within 24 hours.

My greatest wish is that this add-on Reiki boost will help amplify your intentions to Relax, Balance, and Heal.



Questions? Reach out! 540-746-5206


Program Application

Please complete, (E)-sign & return agreement Or mail to 4033 Cannery Woods Drive, Bridgewater, VA  22812 to save your space in the program




Day Phone __________________________ Evening________________

Birthday (Date and Year) ____/_____/____ 


My intention is to make this program AFFORDABLE FOR EVERYONE. Simply choose which of these two options best suits you: For your convenience we can set up recurring credit card payments through Pocketsuite, or you can pre-pay pay in full for $564 and earn $50 Synergy credit towards add-on 1:1 Reiki healing or Resilience Coaching sessions.

  1. __12 payments of $47 each (first payment due at time of registration, remaining 11 payments due monthly). Register before Feb 27th & attend Group Reiki session 2/28
  2. __Pay in full $564 and earn $50 Synergy credit towards add-on 1:1 Reiki healing or Resilience Coaching sessions.

Your payments may be tax deductible as professional expense or able to be withdrawn from flexible spending accounts.  Please check with your employer &/or tax consultant.

To help ensure our time together is spent on issues that are of greatest importance to you, please keep payments easy-breezy.  I ask for your prompt attention to this detail.

I understand that Christina Kunkle is not a licensed therapist and that I am responsible for all my decisions, actions and feelings.

Congratulations on giving yourself the gift of Coaching!  Get ready for the amazing results of having Inspiration, Motivation, Education, Synergy of Partnership, and Accountability built into your powerful Group program!

Participant Signature ________________________Date _________________

Partial Scholarships available. For more information

Contact Christina Kunkle 540-746-5206

Here, support, growth, and connection are our main ingredients. Below are our values and affirmations to help guide us.   

Our Shared Values and Affirmations

🤝 Collaboration

I am here to connect and grow with the community

❤️ Care

I am kind to all people and welcome their experiences and perspectives

🌈 Contribution

I share openly, offering support and understanding to others

🔮 Curiosity

I am here to listen and learn from others without judgment


  1. In what ways are you hoping to grow by joining our Emerging Resilient group?
  2. What do you long for most in your life?
  3. What do you struggle with the most in your life?
  4. What kind of support do you need most to help you stay focused, positive, and excited about your work and life?
  5. What questions do you have for me?
  6. Is there anything else you want to share with me at this time?