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Are You a Heart-CenteredPurpose-Driven woman Craving Better Balance & More Fulfillment?

“Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.
Whatever you call it, Whoever you are, you need one.” 
~ Jane Howard


“Every Woman Deserves an Opportunity to Cultivate the Essential Life Skills to SOAR in Work and Life at her Highest Potential.” 
~ Christina Kunkle
Are You a Sensitive, Purpose-Driven woman who is Overwhelmed, Over-worked, Over-committed, and Over it?
Are you stuck in patterns of fear, reactivity and panic in the face of relentless demands, thinking “something’s gotta give, and I’m afraid it will be me?” 
Many of us are speeding past the red flags of toxic success, pushing ourselves to get it all done.
Some of us break down.
A few of us burn out, like I did.
It’s been 11 years since I became a Resilience coach; 9 since becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner…Definitely the most fulfilling time of my life on every level! It’s been 9 years since I created my 9-Step Balanced Success Blueprint, making it into a Leadership Development program called “SOAR”.
As we prepare for not just a new year, but a new decade, I’m discovering more passion than ever to provide alternatives, answers, and antidotes to the drama, darkness, and negativity in the world.
Do You want to:
  • CONNECT to a higher level of Self-Awareness? (to live by design, not default)
  • INSPIRE yourself to embody a healthy Self-Love? (to love others more)
  • SERVE in the highest way through Self-Leadership? (to lead others better)

My Mission: 

  • To provide Exceptional Leadership Training and Professional Group Coaching, giving you the necessary tools to stay Focused, Positive, and Excited about Work and Life while promoting Highly Productive, Heart-Centered Collaboration and Balanced Success.
  • To Connect, Inspire, and Serve women who are growing personally
  • To Lead women confidently forward to embrace a Restorative lifestyle
  • To Motivate and educate with practical tools for work-life balance 
  • To Cultivate a focused Mind, strong Body, and Loving Spirit
  • To Foster highly productive, heart-centered collaboration 
  • To Model soul-nourishing self-care habits and practices
  • To Promote high return on investments of our precious moments
  • To Teach powerful tools that generate & protect healthy energy
  • To BE Synergy Strong-showing grace, grit, & gratitude under pressure
  • To Deepen my healing intuitive gifts as a Reiki Master Practitioner 

A Special Invitation to Soar in Work and Life in 2021!

EMERGING RESILIENT Invite and Overview

In honor of the upcoming New Decade, I’m over-the-moon excited to invite you to join us in creating Balanced Success with more grace and ease in 2021.

Here are all the details on my transformational program for women who want to truly thrive in work and life!

The Synergy Leadership Development Program called “ELEVATE” is designed to provide massive support, structure, encouragement, accountability, clarity, training, laughter, mindset shifts – and of course to teach you how to create balanced success next year. Don’t miss out on a phenomenal opportunity to EMERGE RESILIENT, EMPOWERED AND EQUIPPED in 2021!

“Successful people take decisive action. They don’t over-think everything; rather, they trust their gut. When they are presented an opportunity that answers their greatest challenge, they say YES to it immediately, knowing that it was divinely given. They don’t hesitate; they don’t delay. They know that because the opportunity was presented, it was meant to be. This is the ONE universal characteristic that makes them successful and helps them create results that astound all others around them.” ~Fabienne Fredrickson


Top-Notch Employers realize the value of creating a culture of excellence within their organizations, investing in leadership development on behalf of their employees. Balanced Success promotes higher productivity, greater resilience, and deeper fulfillment so high-achievers can burn brightly without burning out.

P.S. Sure, You can try to do it on your own. And re-invent the wheel. And indulge in painful, costly, massive mistakes, detours and heartaches. Or you can simply follow the steps in This Leadership Development Program, which is the true culmination of everything I have discovered in building balanced success. And I can’t tell you how much it would mean to me to help you create this for yourself.

P.S.S. “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.” ~Walter Goethe

This Group IS NOT for you if:

    • You just want to hang out and chat.
    • You aren’t willing to do whatever it takes to create your success.
    • You are looking for a quick fix.
    • You blame outside circumstances for your results.
    • You whine.
    • You complain.
    • You need things your way.
    • You like your comfort zone.
    • You aren’t ready to take a stand for your Success.
    • You don’t like to have fun.
    • You don’t care about having more peace in your life.

This Group IS For you if:

    • You want high-energy, high-content.
    • You appreciate a mentor who is willing to be vulnerable.
    • You want a mentor who will pull back the curtain and share it all.
    • You know who you’re BEING is only part of the leadership success equation.
    • You know what you’re DOING is only part of the leadership success equation.
    • You work well with being given tons of resources and templates. You know you want to work smarter not harder.
    • You will do whatever it takes to create your success – you just need to be shown the way.
    • You have a heart of gold and are willing to work with others, laugh with others and receive support from others.
    • You like winning prizes.
    • You want a hands-on program so you can implement right away.
    • You appreciate having your questions answered.

My wish for you is:

    • That you lead with your heart, not your head.
    • That you let go of the load of long-ago messages & beliefs that said “You Can’t.”
    • That you give willingly, trusting the same will be given back to you.
    • That you stand tall, stand proud, stand strong and declare LOUDLY, “These are my unique gifts and I choose to share them with as many people as possible.”
    • That you stop complaining and start creating.
    • That you claim clearly, “NO, I will not be just like everyone else.”
    • That you set yourself up to be supported.
    • That you stop hiding and start sharing.
    • That you open your heart, put down your shield and allow yourself to receive.

 “There is a space for you in the world with your name on it…and your part is the lead part. No matter who you are, it’s the lead. Because only you can play it, and without you it doesn’t happen.”  ~Flo Magdalena

Click for Program Details EMERGING RESILIENT Invite and Overview


Restorative Retreats

What do past and present participants say about SOARing with Synergy?

  • “I’m grateful to have access to the power and the collective wisdom of such an amazing group of women!”
  • “Support and encouragement even when I didn’t know I needed it!”
  • “I’m able to realize my growth. I’m putting what I have learned into automatic practice!”
  • Confidence that I’m not alone.”
  • “A rocking, stimulating, energizing group.”
  • “I’m so grateful for the friendships that I’ve made and for belonging” 
  • “I’m most grateful for a chance to join with passionate women, the opportunity to learn from others, a chance to be challenged, and to move beyond my comfort zone.”
  • “A great laugh, a warm hung, a confidence boost, and the best advice.”
  • “Openhearted, compassionate, generous sisters.” 
  • “I love the deliberate space being held for me to breath, grow, and evolve into a women of strength and the love that surrounds me.”
  • “Knowing that my SOAR meeting is coming up, propels me into action; I’m so thankful for this special group who I can enlist as accountability partners!”
  • “The tools I’m learning are so helpful, I love the breathing exercises, I’ve been more mindful throughout my day, especially listening to my children without constantly telling them to hurry up or not hearing them. I can only hope to have the positive mindset and be as happy as you are someday.”
  • “I love you and appreciate you more than you know. Thank you for helping me stay in my power and give myself what I need regardless of whether its given to me. I am the CEO of my joy.”
  • “This group is so awesome, because of the Facebook page and daily check-in’s. I’m staying more aware of physical cues that let me know when I’m leaving the learning zone. I spend much less time retreating in the comfort-zone or reacting in the panic-zone.”

Laurie Deavers, Executive Director, Generations Crossing

SOAR Participant

“SOAR has taken me to a new place in life.  Somewhere I didn’t even know existed.  Every day is a blessing, every day is a chance…and I now understand and appreciate that.  Participating in SOAR has allowed me to grow in my confidence, appreciation for life and support for others.  I would encourage anyone who is considering this opportunity to take advantage.  The investment is well worth the rewards!”

Ellen Painter, Jacobs Engineering Group, Inc.

“Being in Soar/Beyond Soar has raised my awareness about how to live my life “intentionally”, both personally and professionally.  This means getting the most out of life by starting each day with goals in mind (utilizing a meaningful morning practice to get on track) and the importance of focusing each day on what I want to achieve in my work and personal life.  Christina has taught me how unconscious attitudes can affect outcomes, and the importance of self-care, and partnering with others who have similar life goals. It is well worth the investment.  That participating in Soar/Beyond Soar has blessed me with wonderful “sisters” who share my goals and aspirations and are my support system.”

Kim Tucker, Theraputic Day Treatment Specialist, East Rockingham High School

~When I met Christina Kunkle I was a depressed, vulnerable, dejected mother of three who’s husband had left for another woman.  I had never shoveled snow or built a fire in my wood stove.  I didn’t know how to check my oil or when to get my car inspected.  I had all but given up on my life because I was convinced that I had little to offer and was unworthy of love in general.

I have my Master’s Degree in counseling and had been in years of therapy but had not been able to figure out what I needed to do to heal and move through my pain to get to the other side.  After working with Christina for 2 and a half years as my Life Coach, I can tell you that I did find out what I needed to do.  Christina led me out of my “long dark night of the soul” and into a life that is worth living.  Christina has brilliantly taken tools, skills, philosophies, activities, and knowledge, deeply woven with her genuine Spirit-led, heart-centered approach and guided me to an empowered sense of who I am and what I have to offer.

Christina continues to teach me, hold positive intentions for me and lead me to become the best and highest person that I was born to be.  I have renewed my faith in a higher power and found hope for my future.  I have a vision for where I want to be and how I want to feel moving through my life.  I know that I will be able to share my gifts with others in a way that inspires and lifts people up to the awareness of what they can be and do in this world.

Working with Christina requires effort and a strong desire to become who you truly are.  Christina will keep you safe and stand in the gap for you when needed.  Christina will hold you accountable and believe in your strength. You will never be judged and you will know that we are all perfectly imperfect in this flawed and fabulous world we live in. I can’t say enough about how much Christina has meant to me and I hope that you will decide to embark on your own journey with her. Get ready for the rest of your amazing life to begin!

Kitty Purcell, Vice President and Loan Originator, Farmers and Merchants Bank

~Being in SOAR/ Beyond SOAR has increased my confidence level in dealing with both personal and business  life situations. It has made me realize how important being true to oneself is as well as making and taking  time  for self-care. In order to help others one must first  take care of self, you cannot give from an empty reservoir.  Investing in SOAR/ Beyond SOAR was and continues to be  without question one of the best  investments I have ever made.   It has helped me with the  realization of my attributes and abilities , increased my self-confidence  and enhanced my  personal and work life relationships.    Monies well spent!

Sallye Trobaugh, Trobaugh Group, Principal Broker

~SOAR has made a difference in my perspective regarding where I am in life, how my goals fit personally and in my business. In short, this program has validated wonderful growth and development adding balance to my whole life, keeping me on track with goals and accountability.

Do Not Miss this opportunity! My SOAR sisters have become forever friends I love and trust with the thrill of victories and the agony of defeat.  Each is amazing and we get to be witnesses to each others beautiful lives unfolding!  It’s all GOOD.

Jill McLaughlin

~SOAR and Beyond Soar have been a positive constant in my life over the past few years.  We meet monthly to share our wins and our losses, to support one another and to learn tips and tools to use to as we move further down our paths.  My group has been a wonderful and safe sounding board  where I can share my challenges and feelings without being judged, but encouraged.  I leave feeling rejuvenated, focused and ready to take on what life has to offer next.

I definitely feel it is worth the investment.  I continue to grow in a positive way each day, however I realize I will never be perfect, because life is not perfect and I am okay with that.   I will meet challenges, some old and some new but I know that I will always have the loving support from my SOAR Sisters.  We are all on a journey and being able to share it with other like-minded women makes it more enjoyable.

Kathy Rusmisel, Cathy Jackson Leitner Law firm

~SOAR has helped me find balance in an almost untenable position of what’s happening in my life. Little guilty about not working it as much as I should and not seeing as much growth as the other ladies in the class, but an incredible investment in myself and an opportunity for some insight in my life and how I want to map my future.

Amanda Vozar, Atwell Family Chiropractic

~I have learned so many valuable things I don’t even know where to start!  I think one of the best aspects has been getting to know my lovely SOAR sisters on such a raw personal level.  I really feel as thought I’ve made friends for life in these women.  Each session I learn a little bit more about myself.  Discovering who you really are on a personal and professional level is just so empowering.  And to know that there are other women out there who share in your struggles and your triumphs is just so helpful.  I have shared my experience with women that I’ve met in the area and I’ve encouraged all of them to take part in SOAR!  I think one of my favorite topics throughout these months has been the CVO with the gesture and the visualization.  I was never a real believer in visualizations and affirmations until I saw how positively they can impact ones life.  I’m just so thankful to you for reaching out to me and encouraging me to participate in SOAR.  I will be forever grateful!Erin E. Layman, PLC
“SOAR” 2012 & “Beyond SOAR” 2013 Participant

“The best way to say how much you’ve helped me is to say how much I have changed since becoming part of your programs. I recently read an article called “16 Signs You’re A Little (Or A Lot) Type A” (Huffington Post) that talks about type A personalities.

If you read it, you may wonder how any type A could actually enjoy their life! I’ve found it’s all about balance. I’ve learned to be more forgiving, not just of others– which is easy for me–, but of myself.

I have learned to make my surroundings more “zen” so that when setbacks hit, I have things around me to help relax and then reorient me to my task. I have tools now to cope with the many things that drive type A’s crazy. And believe me, I have every single characteristic described in that article (or did). I just now can tolerate standing in line because I allow myself to find something else to do while I wait. You taught me that.”

Debbie Kile, R.N. BSN Peri-Operative Service Manager, RMH Sentara Healthcare

~”SOAR is a wonderful way for women in leadership positions to learn about tools they can use in their daily lives to help them achieve balance in their busy lives. Each month you learn ways to become a happier, more successful person. During the sessions, you get to interact with other women who are experiencing similar challenges within their various leadership positions. Although the challenges are similar, the diversity of the group provides a great learning experience. The support provided by the group members is such a blessing. Christina is an awesome facilitator and makes the sessions fun! SOAR is a wise investment of your time, money, and energy, if you are ready to grow and change! The tools are helpful and so easy to apply to your professional and work life. I have achieved greater balance and productivity as a result of the wonderful things I have learned in SOAR!” ~ 

“It’s time for me to take control of my life, both personally and professionally, and live it with intention.

~Jill McLaughlin,Classic Kitchen & Bath

“When I received my invitation to join SOAR with Synergy I saw it as the perfect oportunity to gain the support and synergy I need from Christina and a group of women who, like me, want to be better and do better personally and professionally. The program that Christina has developed is so jammed packed with tools and resouces, in addition to the monthly sessions and mastermind calls, that I can only imagine succuss. How could I not make this investment for myself? If you are still trying to decide whether to join the group my advice to you is to make this investment in yourself, and let “Life begin”. ~Jill Propst, BSN, FCN, RN.

~”I would highly recommend SOAR!  Without the gift of investing in your well being we are jeopardizing the full potential of our family lives, our friendships and business’s.  Soar is like a mental tune up with check points along the way to keep focus, growth, people skills and vision for business and life cranking on all cylinders.Barb Swett, Nutritional Advisor, Advocare

“If things are not quite the way you want them to be, then you have to do something about it. I want to try this because I want to give myself all the resources I can to make things in my life work out the way I want them to. You may regret it if you don’t jump in and try it!” ~Ellen, office worker

“The tools I’ve received in Christina’s programs have helped me organize my thoughts, and enviornment.  I look forward to learning even more helpful information!” ~ Donna Comer, Neff Enterprises