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February 24th, 2021

“Soul-Whispers” Exercise: Activate the Energy of Decision Making

You’ll find all the “Emerging Resilient” Group program details HERE. Even if you think it isn’t for you, I invite you to try this 5 minute”Soul-Whispers” Exercise:

Print this out if possible (yep, it’s really 9 pages!) then sit down with a hot cup of tea or coffee in a quiet space with an itention to read this with all 3 of your brains (yep, you really have 3!)

Your brain may say “yikes! stay right where you are!”

Your heart may say “ahhh, this really resonates!”

Your gut may say “this is what I’ve been waiting for!”

Or maybe not, which is totally cool.

But, at least you’ll get a glimpse into how I’ve said YES to my own Transformation, which has led to a new spiral of personal growth;

And how I’ve said YES to my own professional Expansion, created to Empower and Equip mission-driven women like you with Lifeskills for Resilience.

This, like every other growth spiral in my personal and professional journey hasn’t been without resistance..

“I’m a high-touch person… that’s why I created the Synergy Success Circle, Elevate and Amplify Mastermind groups to meet in person and that’s the only way they’ll be able to serve women at the highest level! WRONG

“I’m not good at technology…I freeze and forget what to do. I don’t know how to keep track of what I’m saying and still try to make eye contact with those I’m speaking to on Zoom… where the heck am I supposed to look? At the camera or the darn screen?!! And who moved the damn mute button??” WRONG

“I really don’t even like technology, and when COVID hit I had decided to cut back on screen time! Maybe I’m just supposed to ride this out” WRONG

“Plus there’s no way you can create the same warm, welcoming energy–the inviting sacred space, make new connections and deepen old friendships online.” WRONG

“Yes, I’m trained and perfectly qualified to send distance reiki healing to individuals and groups… but I’m a high-touch person! Since 2010 I’ve been doing Reiki healing sessions in person. I’ve created an organic and powerful process that blends my intuitive gifts, coaching, and energy healing that cannot possibly be as effective at a distance. I don’t want to, I can’t, and I won’t! WRONG

It’s not about whether or not we will meet resistance when circumstances that require us to change. It’s not about how long we hide out convinced that “nothing new will never work as well as my old way”

It’s about sitting with and befriending the resistance. It’s recognizing how fear keeps us captive in our coping cycles. We can cope or we can expand, but we cannot do both at the same time. We can say yes to fear or we can choose love, even if we don’t see the way forward. A little willingness is all that is needed to begin shifting inertia to initiative.

I’d love to continue growing, coaching, serving, and celebrating your success as you navigate the peaks and valley’s of the “Heart-Centered Heroine’s Journey!”