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Synergy Success Stories

Sandra Zamalis

“Christina, is a wonderful coach. Her knowledge and care with each client is truly heart centered. She takes the time to listen and has guided me and helped me overcome some challenges not only personally, but also professionally. I look forward to my time with her individually as well as the group events she puts together. She nurtures a supportive atmosphere where woman can build each other up.” ~ Sandra Zamalis, Director of the Staunton-Harrisonburg LearningRx Brain Training Center

Alli Stebleton

“I highly recommend Christina and Synergy life and Wellness Coaching. Christina has such an amazing way of bringing together and creating a safe and supportive group of soul sisters. Christina‘s programs have provided me with support,healing, personal growth and confidence. I’m so thankful for Christina and the tools I have gained to turn burnout into balanced success in my life!” ~Allison Stebleton

Arlene McCain

“Christina has been instrumental in helping me to clarify my vision for a thriving life and to manifest that in the world. Her blend of heart-centered intuitive coaching, amplifying soul whispers with Reiki, and creating safe spaces with soul sisters are a gift for all who participate! I’m particularly excited for our power partnership, through which Christina has created a soul sanctuary within my holistic medical space where she can offer her services to interested individuals.” ~Arlene McCain, MDMcCain Whole Health Care

Diane McCarthy

“When I chose Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching, I found a safe place to land when I was completely overwhelmed with everything in my life! Not only did I gain perspective, I gained a tribe of supportive sisters! I learned techniques to refocus when life started feeling out of control, and learned to begin living intentionally. It has been a life changing blessing! Highly recommend!!”

Kitty Purcell

“I like the confidentiality and caring approach of Christina in her coaching sessions. She is very sensitive and attuned to her clients needs. Christina has helped me navigate some of life’s most stressful situations. Highly recommend!” ~Kitty Purcell, F&M Mortgage

Synergy Success Story: Mandy Leeth

Working with Christina has been the single best personal investment I have ever made in myself. The layered learning I get to experience in a small, guided group of trusted women is invaluable. I have been able to reach personal milestones that have always seemed just out my grasp, including letting go of a consistent reliance on substance (alcohol) to manage my anxiety and stress level.

I have been through years of traditional therapy, and while a great foundation and well worth my time at the time, this was the next natural and necessary step to go beyond psychology and dive into some deep rooted emotional issues that have plagued me for most of my life. Having a group of women, who are now trusted soul sisters, to hold my hands as I tackle the emotional baggage in my life has been so rewarding and exponentially empowering to us all. Our shared experiences and truth moments have forced us to use the tools in our tool box and tackle deep seeded issues; lack of trust, emotional pain and past traumas.

Doing the work has not been easy, but it has been worthwhile. Adding “best self-practices” like meditation, meaningful morning practices to start my day from a place of power, and Reiki energy healing have all aided in my ability to get what I need every day from the life force I should be getting it from: within. I am able to call upon my higher power, integrate my life in a healthy way, and find balance and rest. It has been vital for me to finally know who I am, to accept myself for who I am, and to now know what fills my tank, which makes me a greater success in my day-to-day life. More importantly, it has been imperative for me to learn to recognize that some of my old patterns and habits, while comfortable and familiar, do not necessarily serve me in the highest way any longer. Those old “survival skills” that once were necessary, are no longer needed as I travel the road to a more whole, healed and complete person.

I highly encourage working with Christina in a small group setting and also taking advantage of Reiki energy healing with her. Keeping our energy fields clear makes all the difference in creating a more balanced healthy “you”. Reiki wards off illness, burnout and depletion, and helps cut through energetic blockages. It’s purifying to the heart and soul, and I am a true believer, as I have seen it transform my life and create balance and a heart centered approach to life that I would not otherwise have. Reiki healing is something you simply must try for yourself! Give yourself the priceless gift of working with Christina. No matter what capacity you decide to do that in, the beauty that she brings to this world, which will ultimately transfer into yours, is a magic you don’t want to miss out on! ~Mandy Leeth, Ameriprise Financial