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Resilience Coach / Transformational Leader / Reiki Master / Author 

Christina Kunkle is the founder of Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching, and creator of Transformational Leadership Programs, Mastermind Circles, and Restorative Retreats.

Her greatest joy is helping Heart-Centered, Purpose-Driven High-Achievers create Balanced Success without Burning out by Working Smarter (not harder!), Playing Hard, and Resting Well.

She is a graduate of Southern University in Tennessee, where she earned a Registered Nurse degree. After twenty years working in the fast-paced fields of Emergency Medicine and Ambulatory surgery, she felt overwhelmed and overworked, experiencing symptoms of burn out and stress related illness. Not satisfied to settle, she set out on a journey to find happiness, balance, and restored health.

This journey with many twists and turns has helped her to go from just surviving to truly happy and thriving, finding her true calling in Resilience Coaching. Coming to understand that she was a Highly Sensitive Person, like many who are intuitively called to caregiving professions, required a deep dive into the principles of energy management. There she discovered the PEACE she had always been missing!

Now a Reiki Master Practitioner, she shares Self-Care practices and Neuro-Resilience Tools to Relax, Balance, and Heal the Overloaded Nervous System.

Her Coaching practice is dedicated to helping Busy Leaders like you transform Stress into Strength, providing Inspiration, Motivation, Education, Synergy and Accountability, so you can cultivate and enjoy work/life balance, without burning out like she did.

A confident and from-the-heart individual, her writings have been published in “Bloom” magazine for women, and Health Quest magazine (a lifestyle publication by Sentara RMH Healthcare.)  Her mission is to use her intuitive gifts to teach, guide, and coach through speaking, workshops, and one on one with clients.

Christina’s personal time is spent enjoying her home in Harrisonburg, VA with Garth, her husband of 28 years, Ben, their adventurous 27-year-old son, and Dani-Grace, their fun-loving 17-year-old daughter. As a family they have a great love for the outdoors, hiking with their dog Sox, and finding the humor and gifts in each new day.


Christina Kunkle shares 5 Energy Levels of Health with Dr. Arlene McCain  

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A Collaborative Roundtable Series for Women

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Embrace Your Authenticity


Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching, LLC Offers Keynotes, Workshops and Seminars

Resilience-Boosting Training Topics for Purpose-Driven Women:

1. “6 Brave Steps to Personal Freedom through Self-Leadership” offers your team a transformative opportunity by empowering individuals to take full responsibility for their own well-being through becoming the “C.E.O. of  Y.O.U.”— How to cultivate and embody core values from “Synergy Success Manifesto” are discussed, providing a powerful framework to help your staff move out of overwhelm and into their potential for balanced success.

2. “How to Lead Boldly & Burn Brightly Without Burning Out” offers concrete tips, success tools, and proven techniques to help busy professionals rebound quickly when under pressure and use stress to their advantage!

3.“Keep Your Cool Ground Rules for Healthy Conflict when You’re Hot Under the Collar” offers an interactive opportunity to communicate from a heart-centered core with more clarity, confidence, and creativity.

4.“The Restorative On-Ramp” Day Retreat or 3-Seminar Series helps busy professionals to pause from the Pressures of Life in the Fast Lane long enough to notice “Red-Flag” symptoms of Toxic Success they may be speeding past without considering the impact on their well-being. It’s all about creating a Restorative lifestyle–together we’ll set you up to work smart, play hard, and rest well, so YOU can enjoy being fully present in a life you love, with extra time and energy to spend on what matters most to YOU.

5.“How To Thrive in the Whitewaters of Change” offers 5 powerful, hands-on success tips to create emotional hardiness and cultivate bounce-back resilience under pressure.

6.“The Synergy Balanced Success Blueprint” offers an empowering inner-to-outer approach combining authenticity with purposeful action for career fulfillment. The principals of Balanced Success are taught, promoting helpful choices and practical ways to adopt a Restorative lifestyle to work smart, play hard, and rest well.

7.“The ABC’s Of Balanced Success” uncovers 3 Key Essential Ingredients that Purpose-Driven Professionals Need to bypass burnout.

8.“Better Together” teaches How to Promote Workplace Collaboration and Cultivate a Spirit of Community in 3 Easy Steps.

9. “What’s Draining You? Identify what’s draining you and learn ways to create more energy

10.Keys for Turning Toxic Success Habits into Proactive Soul-Care Practices”toxic success

  • Are You Racing Past the Red Flags of Toxic Success? 
  • Do You Have Workaholic Habits that Lead to Burn out?
  • 3 Steps to a Restorative Lifestyle using the Balanced Success Blueprint
  • Gain Tools to Escape the Cycle of Reactivity and Panic
  • Create Balanced Success by Design and Thrive on Your Terms!

Comments from Workshop and Seminar Participants:

Bridges Head Start Day Retreat – Back to School With Balanced Success

  • Great information – very helpful!
  • Awesome job, very interesting – great at what you do.
  • You did a great job! Very interesting, kept my attention throughout the 7 hours.
  • Great job! Great information and you made it fun!

“The Upside of Overwhelm and Why it’s Good News”

  • “Thank you for the wise words and kind spirit you held out to all of us yesterday. I think we are kindred” ~ Kathy Guisewite
  • “Excellent Job. Thank you for sharing today, Christina! We share similar passions, both highly sensitive and intuitive as I gathered from your story. I am at the beginning of running my own business and you well-seasoned; one I can glean much from. Looking forward to learning more from you!” ~ Wendy Watros New Label Promotions, LLC

“Building a Climate of Success” Full Day Retreat with Stafford County Head Start Staff

 “Christina gave us great strategies for dealing with conflict and improving communication! Great advice for creating change in your own life, at work, with friends, and at home. She tied her strategies in to our core values and climate norms.” ~Kathryn Massie, Director of Head Start Program, Stafford County Schools
Additional Stafford County Workshop Participant Comments:
  • What a Day of Transformative workshop! And These strategies are easy to apply to your own life.
  • You helped motivate us to push past obstacles and focus on what we can fix.
  • We also learned strengths about ourselves that can help us build confidence and self-efficacy.
  • I loved this info!  It was so uplifting and the way I try to live.
  • Great reminder – “Life happens FOR me, not TO me!”
  • able to see how much I take things personally – I’m going to start using the Q-Tip approach from now on!!
  • Now I know how to “pull myself together” and get back to the Learning Zone
  • I am responsible for my thoughts, feelings, and actions.  I am responsible for Flipping it (and flipping it good!)
  • I got more comfortable with being uncomfortable because at least I know I’m growing past my comfort zone and stretching into someone better.
  • you have to get your heart set on what matters most before you can use your mind or your skills in the best way with students, families, and friends.

Synergy Life and Wellness Coaching, LLC Offers Keynotes, Workshops and Seminars to help Heart-Centered Professionals Lead Boldly and Burn Brightly Without Burning Out

My presentation style is interactive, fun, and focused, while also empowering each individual to function within one efficient team.  Our time together is sure to provide inspiration, motivation, and education while fostering group synergy and accountability.

I welcome the opportunity to discuss these trainings in further detail.  Whatever topic is chosen, I can assure that during our time together, your staff will gain valuable insight on how to stay focused, positive, and excited about work and life, and guidance as they strive for excellence through collaboration.

Speaker: Keynotes motivate/inspire high achieving professionals to rebound quickly under pressure, using stress to their advantage (1.5 hours)

Facilitator/Mentor: Workshops to motivate/inspire and teach practical how-to’s and communication skills through hands-on break out sessions. ( 2 hour workshop, 1/2 day workshops, full day workshops available)

Follow-Up Resilience Coaching optional: Post-Retreat Customized Individual or Group sessions intended to guide and support professionals as they begin putting new skills into practice in their particular setting.  This promotes optimal environment to refine and sustain changes. (30 or 55 minute sessions)

Rates: Programs are customized to meet the specific objectives, time frame, and desired format. Please reach out  to schedule a complimentary, no-obligation call and create a Synergy program that’s a perfect fit for you.